I find it fascinating to ponder how biases, discrimination, prejudices, and racism leave one exposed to “threats.” Chill with me for a bit, and let me explain why Racism is a real National Security Threat. I was one of the estimated fifty million folks that watched Aunty Kamala deal with Plastic Pence and the brave Fly, who found a temporary landing pad on his hair.

I witnessed her play three-dimensional chess during the debate. Here are a few things that came to mind when thinking about what she needed to combat:

  • Work to not come across as an angry or emotional woman.
  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Misogyny
  • Somehow maintain a Miss Universe Smile.
  • Be firm, yet not to firm.
  • Combat the lies, and bullsh*t Plastic homie spewed, but not be “combative.”
  • Pence’s wild-looking eye
  • Susan not shutting Pence down with the overtalking.
  • The double standard women face.
  • Not laughing at seeing that fly on Pence’s head.

Then there came the point in the debate when National Security was talked about, and my Spider-Sense tingled. National security threats seem to generally only be about threats coming from external forces. Yet, it appears (I haven’t grabbed data) that one of the largest threats the USA faces is born, raised, and made in America. Just today, there was an announcement that the FEDS thwarted who I now call “Y’allqueda’s” plot to kidnap Michigan Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

There is a myriad of examples that show the threat that US citizens face. Y’allqueda has been much more active, and I don’t see them slowing down their pace of attacks because there is an administration ok with they hate and destruction they cause. Now, the question I have for you is, “are you ok with this?” It’s no longer just attacks towards folks from marginalized communities. They’re hell-bent on squashing any opposition to their ideology, and this means if you disagree with them, you could be a target as well.

Many lives lost fighting in the East’s various parts, and the bogeyman has always been here having a grand ole time. I’m not discounting any of the threats this country faces from foreign adversaries. I want more attention paid to the domestic evilness. There is such focus on African-Americans, Asian-Americans, and others being threats to the country. Yet, the entire time some European-Americans (aka White folk) have terrorized citizens of this country since its inception.

This all hit me while thinking about all Senator Harris has to hold. Some folks genuinely see her as a threat, and they’re blind to the real danger.